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Easter chocolate scorecard

The score key: The Good Egg Awards go to Alter Eco, Whittaker’s, and Tony’s Chocolonely for the greatest improvement in sustainable policies. Chocolats Halba AG also scores well, receiving.

The Easter scorecard has been published annually by Mighty Earth since 2018. “Equipped with this scorecard, ... “Easter is the peak holiday for chocolate sales around the. An excellent desk accessory or small gift, the 8cm bevel edged rectangle clock has been hand crafted from green marble. It can be personalised with any crest, logo or wording to create a gift that is sure to take pride of place when put on display at home or at work. The engraving contrasts perfectly against the green marble when it is infilled in gold or silver for which there is an .... The Chocolate Scorecard will help you make more ethical and sustainable choices for this year’s Easter Eggs. 500 million Cadbury Crème eggs are made each year! It may not come as a surprise, but the Cadbury Crème egg is amongst the most popular choice of.

This scorecard ranks and grades chocolate companies on key sustainability issues. Working together, the three organizations Mighty Earth, Green America, and Be Slavery Free developed a survey, sent it to all the companies chosen, and graded the companies. ... Easter Scorecard Methodology - 2020 Date: 7 Apr 2020 Content Type: Article; View full.

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Conscious shopping: the scorecard guides chocolate-lovers on where to ethically spend their Easter confectionary dollar. Macquarie Business School Professor John Dumay was the lead academic collaborator with the charity Be Slavery Free in producing this year's Chocolate Scorecard - which saw Beyond Good named the 2022 "Good Egg" winner.

The 2021 Easter scorecard, which was launched in Washington D.C., USA, therefore, ranked and graded chocolate companies on key sustainability issues with the "Good Egg" award going to the three highest-ranking companies. The Good Egg Award for 2021 was given to New Zealand chocolate brand Whittaker's".

Besides producing delicious chocolate, they are the "good eggs" in this year's chocolate scorecard. Each is an industry leader in producing sustainable chocolate. By "sustainable" we mean doing the right thing to the planet and its people on measures as important as child labour, pesticide use, and deforestation.

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